Day trips to Chiang Mai national parks

Although there is plenty to keep your interest within the old city, such as the

moat, beautiful temples, markets and historic character, the
href="">Chiang Mai
environs are worth

touring, and day trips to the surrounding attractions are worthwhile.

Visiting Chiang Mai would not be

complete without a trip to the temple on top of
href="">Doi Suithep
, an imposing mountain

to the west of the city. Either you can hop aboard a tour, catch a songtaew

taxi or hire a bike to travel the 15km journey to the summit. The highly

sanctified chedi and temple at the top is a popular pilgrim spot for visiting

Thais and the views of the entire valley are humbling. Also on top of the

mountain you can visit Phuping Palace gardens and Hmong villages, or go

walking in the lovely forests of Doi Pui

, which looms behind it. This is one of the most popular day trips in
href=""> Chiang Mai
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